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Baby Packer-Sarlandie

Coming Mid-September 2020

,Celebrating Beth and Thomas’s Baby on Board

Wow only 13 more weeks 

We’ll update this page occasionally with new photos

It’s June already! We’re going to let Beth in on this not- so -“secret” website that is virtually connecting you and Beth during this very special time. 

By now,  some of you may have actually “seen” Beth or Thomas.  They’re having a happy summer! It didn’t seem likely that anyone would “bump” into Beth in person, so delivering your messages for Beth is a gift she, Thomas, and baby will cherish always.  Enjoy pictures of the finished gift and a few updated pictures of baby, Beth and Thomas.

Thank you for sharing words of encouragement, love, anticipation, joy, or whatever uplifting sentiments you have for Beth. Of course Thomas had some fun with this too. These forever messages will document the love and blessings of her friends and family for Beth, Thomas, and baby Packer-Sarlandie.  The first set of messages arrived May 12th and  more messages keep coming and are added right up to mid September when baby “Pamplemousse” Packer-Sarlandie arrives.

We created the following web form to help you get your messages into the jar:

#1 Simply CLICK in one block and write your message. You can send up to 3 messages (one per block).  Although 1 to 5 sentences per message is a good goal, please feel free to write more if you’d like.

#2 When you are finished and ready to send your message, scroll to the bottom right corner of the blocks and CLICK: SEND ME

Here are a few ideas we hope prompts inspiration for your personal message:

  1. Baby will grow up to be…
  2. Beth will be a fun mommy because…
  3. I remember when Beth was little
  4. Beth will love singing this (these) children’s tunes over and over…
  5. This is my favorite baby book and Beth will love it because
  6. Beth inspires me to be a creative mom
  7. I wish for Beth some of the same motherhood joys I experienced
  8. Beth has shared these loving activities with children all over the globe
  9. Beth will pick up and understand baby talk quickly

We welcome you back anytime to add more messages using our form.

You’re never too late!

Your thoughts for Beth?

13 + 15 =

Beth and Baby are enjoying the ride…

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